Your plants can help you to sleep better at night

Plants do not only serve as decoration to our home. As we all know, plants  provide the oxygen we breathe and filter the air, so they can help to get a better sleep at night.

Here are some plants that can improve your sleep


This is one of the plants which healthy benefits are wide known. Jasmine decreases anxiety and improves the quality of your dream. There for, you will wake up fresh and in a good mood.


We all use shampoos, soaps and air fresheners with smell of lavender, but only few of us know that lavender is very good for anxiety and insomnia. Lavender provides sedating effects. It is very useful to inhale the smell of lavender plants while asleep.

English Ivy

English ivy is the best in class. It is very easy to grow at home, it doesn’t need a lot of sun light and it survives at moderate temperature. This plant absorbs a great level of formaldehyde and other toxins, which are usually present in our houses.

Aloe plant

Aloe plant it is also known and used for body detoxification and reparation of burned skin or scars. This plant is very helpful because it starts to develop brown spots when the level of harmful chemicals in your home is very high, warning you the plausible danger, and what is even more important it will remove this harmful particles, providing you a cleaner air.

Snake plant

This plant will purify the air in your house. It emits oxygen, taking in simultaneously the carbon dioxide. It is very useful to have this plant in your house because it eliminates toxins from the air such as formaldehyde, benzene etc.


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