This Woman Cured Her Breast Cancer In Only 6 Weeks Thanks To This Chinese Anti-Cancer Diet!!!

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death for women (after lung cancer) and the leading overall cause of death in women between the ages of forty and fifty-five.

Woman Cured Breast Cancer In 6 Weeks

Jane Plant, mother of three, was first diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 42. The fifth time her breast cancer came back, she was given only 2 more months to live. Jane and her husband decided to research different ways to beat her cancer.

They found out that the breast cancer rate in China is way below than the rate in the USA. They figured out that this drastic difference in statistics was related to diet, thus Jane decided to follow a predominantly Chinese diet.

“I eliminated all dairy produce from my diet immediately – I had been eating organic yogurt to help my digestive tract recover from the chemotherapy, but I also threw out anything containing milk products, from biscuits to soups and even some forms of margarine. Within days, the lump began to itch, then to soften and shrink, until, after six weeks, it had vanished altogether.”-says Jane.

The Chinese Diet Includes:

  • low animal protein
  • no dairy
  • lots of fruits
  • vegetables
  • nuts and pulses

Six weeks later her tumor had gone. Six years later, Jane was struck with an epiphany: “I’m not dead — I’m still not dead.”

“I’m so relieved I made my discovery, because it has given me 10 years with my family – and, I hope, many more – which the doctors thought I’d never have. And my message is for everyone who has had a diagnosis of breast cancer – don’t be afraid. I got better – and so can you” – says Jane.



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